The Twin Pines
by Michaeleen OSullivan
Photo by Todd Carter
Sunday, September 4, 2016
Marquette, MI

Dedicated to Fire Fighters
And in remembrance of 9/11

When we were small twigs, my twin tree and me,

our mother’s green presence was all we could see.


Her splendor filtered in just the right rays of light,

and her roots gave us strength to stand tall and grow might.



Waterfront House For Sale By Owner

2.2 acres, 10 min to Downtown MQT
355 Forestville Basin Trail
Marquette, MI


2 bd, 2 bth, 2-car garage
tennis court!

Open House 9/17/16 11am to 2pm

Please join us!

ALL are welcome!

Waterfront Lot For Sale By Owner

1.25 acres, 10 min to Downtown MQT

375 Forestville Basin Trail
Marquette, MI


Open House 9/17/16 11am to 2pm

Team Perseverance!
photo by Michaeleen OSullivan

Ore to Shore
Mountain Bike Epic
Photos from
Three Lakes

August 13, 2016
by Michaeleen OSullivan
and Todd Carter

Changing Zodiac Signs
The Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus,
and Return of The Great Goddess
by Michaeleen OSullivan
artwork by Todd Carter
Marquette, MI

ICD-10-CM Starts
in the U.S.A.!

October 1, 2015
by Michaeleen OSullivan, CCS, CCS-P
Marquette, MI

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Hard Rock Racers
Coming Through
Ore to Shore 2016
photo by Todd Carter
Forestville Location
Marquette, MI

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