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A Monarch Universe
Picture Book
and E-Book on CD
by TC and me

A story about a Monarch butterfly dreaming
about the Monarch life cycle and her
universal connections

Full-color trade-cover book
and full-color e-book on CD
Artwork by Todd Carter
Story as told by Monarch Butterfly
Text by Michaeleen OSullivan
Limited First Edition Autographed Books

A Monarch Universe Picture Book
with full color e-book on CD
$25 plus $5 shipping

Entertaining, educational, and electronic
Trade Cover and E-Book on CD
with Internet Resources
All ages

A Monarch Universe Picture Book, Prints, and Note Cards
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A Monarch Universe
E-Book Internet Resources

A Monarch Universe Note Cards

A Monarch Universe
Paintings and Prints
by Todd Carter


Plant Milkweed for Monarchs!
Please ask your friends fast.
Without Milkweed for Monarchs,
We might not always last.

I see Milkweed for Monarch,
the nectar of all needs.
I drink Purple Pink Flowers,
within Sea of Blue Breeze.

In Patagonia I visit
a fantastic feature.
It's a Monarch volcano.
I see Red Canyons Creature!

Big Bug

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Butterfly Scars

A Monarch Universe E-Book on overhead projector

A Monarch Universe is a picture book for all ages about a bright Monarch butterfly dreaming of the Monarch life cycle and butterfly patterns in the universe. The full-color E-Book on CD contains beautiful artwork created by award-winning Marquette Artist Todd Carter and lyrical text by Todd's wife, Michaeleen O'Sullivan.  The CD/eBook is whimsically read by Marquette librarian Betsie Bush. 

The E-Book on CD contains two versions of this multimedia presentation,
both in Adobe PDF format (requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader):
1. Audio reading synchronized with the artwork in an automatic slide-show format
2. Printed text (no audio) displayed side by side the artwork
and controlled manually to read at your own pace.
Related Internet resources are included at the end of this version

A Monarch Universe Picture Book
with full color e-book on CD
$25 plus $5 shipping

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