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Glen Plake's 'Down Home Tour'
Dazzles Marquette Mountain
Friday, January 11, 2008
by Jesie Melchiori and Kimber Olli, UPfirst contributors
and Michaeleen O'Sullivan, UPfirst feature writer

Our very own ski great Walt Cook (center) with ski champ Glen Plake
John Stewart (left) with Sharpie for helmet-signing in hand
courtesy Jesie Melchiori, Marquette Mountain

Marquette, MI--Ski movie great and Two Time World Champion Hot Dog Skier Glen Plake, and his wife, Kimberly Plake, made a dazzling appearance at Marquette Mountain Sunday during their Down Home Tour Upper Peninsula stretch.


Glen Plake

Left: Glen signing autographs for the Weber Brothers and Bradley Seaborg
Right: Glen posing with JT and Tyler Melchiori
courtesy Jesie Melchiori, MM

Jesie Melchiori's January 8, 2008, Marquette Mountain newsletter, Downhome Tour Marquette Mountain Style, shares exciting photos and details, including: 

Kids and adults spinning down the mountain like ballerinas and even a chain of them were seen from time to time, all holding poles making a spiral down the Mountain.

And there he was in the middle of it all: Two Time World Champion Hot Dog Skier--GLEN PLAKE!

"It was a day like none other at the Mountain today," Jesie's newsletter begins.  She describes a full day for the Plakes of skiing, playing and sharing with local folks.  "And that Kimberly, she even went back to the motor home between runs to cook brownies for locals to munch on while she herself grilled the burgers."  Glen's parting words: "Thanks for your hospitality!  This is everything our hometown tour is supposed to be."

Glen with our Marquette Mountain Special Olympic Team
courtesy Jesie Melchiori, MM


If you're on MM's list, watch for Jesie's Downhome Tour MM Style newsletter coming soon

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Keep up with Glen and Kimberly on their Down Home Tour blog at Heavenly Lake Tahoe's skiheavenly.com:


Glen's latest story starts in the UP:  "I’m in Ishpeming UP Michigan across the street from the US National Skiing Hall of Fame, which we wanna visit."  Glen describes Pine Mountain and leaves off still in the UP:

This place is all about introducing skiing to people, beginner packages are almost free. Passes are cheap, it is an asset to the surrounding communities and wants to be. “Skiing is not an expensive elitist activity.” It’s a pastime to be enjoyed by all, and Pine Mountain is doing it!

more to come….

Several local "comments" on Glen's blog express our Upper Peninsula appreciation to the Plakes.

Here's one from Lindsay Vogel:

Lindsay Vogel Says:
January 8th, 2008 at 9:05 am

Glen and Kimberly came to Marquette Mountain in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan on Sunday January 6th. Glen skied with about 8 kids from the hill and gave them a memory they will surely never forget. It was SO cool to have an icon such as Glen take time out of his schedule and life to promote skiing with little ones. I think it is fair for me to say THANKS from everyone at Marquette Mountain……..

Glen and Kimberly's Gold Nastar Race Results from Marquette Mountain Sunday

Courtesy Kimber Olli and Nastar:  http://www.nastar.com/index.jsp?pagename=raceresults&race=57425&year=2008

Glen and Kimberly Plake excited our little UP community to the extreme.  We're thankful they made the Upper Peninsula a destination in their Heavenly Down Home Tour!

UP Weather Channel Recognition!

Upper Peninsula rated #6
on Weather Channel's
Top 10 List of Winter Family Getaways

Weather Channel Excerpt Jan. 10, 2008:

Winter Wonderland: Upper Peninsula, Michigan

If your brood embraces even the heaviest snows of deepest winter, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a can't-miss destination for your family.  Yes, only the truly well-shod, hearty and adventurous need apply. But if zero crowds, mile after mile of near-virgin snow and family time in a rustic cabin by a roaring fire sound good to you, then look no further. The UP has everything you're dreaming of.

Hearty UP Winter Wonderland visual

Rick Owen (center) and Kimber Olli (left) (and friends)
Carving up Prime Rib at Marquette Mountain
Spring 2007
photo by Todd Carter, UPfirst staff photographer

Full Article - Weather Channel Top 10 List of Winter Family Getaways:



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