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 A Personal View of The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island
Part 3 of 3
Friday, November 9, 2007
by Michaeleen O'Sullivan
UPfirst Feature Writer and Photographer

Mackinac Island, Michigan--Taking a personal retreat to The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in October is a perfect way to enjoy the Island at its most quiet time of the year. 

A view of Huron Street in front of Fort Mackinac sans people is a very rare sight.

A rare view of Huron Street on Mackinac Island sans people

The Butterfly House at Mackinac Island is a must-see when visiting the tiny horse-and-buggy-only island at the Eastern edge of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Manager Lisa Janisse, pictured below, welcomes butterfly lovers to the magical land.

There were lots of beautiful butterflies fluttering about, but they're hard to capture on photo here - the camera lens fogs up quickly

After a little island shopping, I returned to The Grand Hotel in time for Afternoon Tea featuring lovely music by harpist Janelle Jansen.

Bob Tagatz, the Grand Hotel Historian and Concierge, guided me on a walking tour of the Hotel.

The Main Dining Room....The Parlor to the Terrace Ballroom....The Theatre

The Main Dining Room is incredibly awesome, but I opted for room service, instead, during my personal retreat.

Room Service!! (left and center) Carmelized Five Onion Tart, Lobster and Crawfish Chowder, Boston Bibb Lettuce, Garlic-Bacon Roasted Black Angus Prime Rib of Beef, Lemon Tart; (right) Strawberry pancakes, crisp bacon, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and sweet rolls (no, not all at once)
Check out time!  Saying goodbye is really tough.

Just before checkout, I strolled around the porches, the art gallery and shops, and visited the Mackinac Market gift shop.  Most items were 50% off since it was the 2nd to the last weekend for the season at The Grand Hotel.

What a bonanza!  Sorry, no pictures of shopping - my hands were full of packages!

The Grand Hotel is now closed for the season, along with most of the rest of Mackinac Island.

The Grand Hotel Opening Day 2008 is May 2nd. 


For more about The Grand Hotel, visit http://www.grandhotel.com



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