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Ladies Night from The Landmark Inn in Downtown Marquette
Friday, November 16, 2007

by Michaeleen O'Sullivan
UPfirst feature writer and photographer

Marquette, Michigan--The elegant Landmark Inn made a perfect setting Thursday to gather for Downtown Marquette's annual Ladies Night holiday shopping event.

A group of us Marquette Ladies met at The Landmark Inn's Northland Pub at 6:00 pm for some cosmos, a sampler plate, and a little warm- up cheer before hitting the Downtown Ladies Night streets to register for free prizes and to fill out our jewelry wish lists.

Downtown Marquette, Lower Harbor, and Marquette Mountain
from the 6th floor of the Landmark Inn Thursday night

Marquette Ladies warming up at The Northland Pub
From left to right:  me, Cory, Jane, Stacy, Deb, Patrice

My favorite Downtown Marquette shops Thursday night were Wattsson and Wattsson Jewelers and Richardson Jewelers.  It felt extravagant to touch fabulous pieces of jewelry and to fill out wish lists to drop in the prize boxes. 

Anybody can dream!

After visiting most of the shops on both sides of Washington Street in the Downtown block, we returned back up Front Street to the Landmark Inn for dinner in the Northland Pub.  Cheesy quesadillas were the favorite all around.

A visit to The Lilac Room on the 6th floor was a hit with the friends. 

A view of Downtown Marquette from The Landmark Inn
Ladies Night, November 15
Lights and slopes of Marquette Mountain Ski Area
on the distant ridge

Getting together at the Landmark Inn made for a cozy evening for everyone.  I stayed the night in The Lilac Room and enjoyed the sunrise this morning.
Sunrise this morning from the 6th floor of the Landmark Inn in Downtown Marquette
At 9:00 am, Steve, the Porter, guided me on a tour of the hotel.  Each unique room offers a magnificent setting and view.  My favorite was the Amelia Earhart Suite. 

The Amelia Earhart Suite at The Landmark Inn in Downtown Marquette

For more information about the historic Landmark Inn, visit http://www.thelandmarkinn.com.


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