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The Marquette Astronomical Society Celebrates
National Astronomy Day in Lower Harbor Marquette
Courtesy Scott Stobbelaar
Event photos by Todd Carter, UPfirst photographer

Friday, May 9, 2008

Marquette, MI--The Marquette Astronomical Society celebrated National Astronomy Day tonight with a public observation at Mattson Lower Harbor Park.  Telescopes were set up at 9:00 pm near the parking area, and viewing began at 9:30.  Objects observed included the crescent moon, Mars and Saturn, the Beehive star cluster, and the stars Arcturus and Spica.  Star maps were provided.

Beautiful skies 9:30 pm in Lower Harbor Marquette
to celebrate National Astronomy Day
with the Marquette Astronomical Society

About 30 people gathered for the star, moon, and planet gazing celebration

Scott Stobbelaar, Club Vice-President,
Marquette Astronomical Society,
operating one of the 10 telescopes
set up tonight in Lower Harbor

Let's Go Stargazing

An Easy Guide to Finding
Interesting Sky Sights
for the Coming Year

Download 3 MB Adobe PDF file



The Astronomy Day Handbook
by David Levy
free at SkyandTelescope.com

Download 850-kilobyte Adobe PDF file


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


The Keck I telescope is opened in preparation for a night of observing atop Mauna Kea - image courtesy NASA

Video Now Playing - What's Up for May

at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

Get ready to gaze at galaxies through your telescope.
Then compare your views to those taken
in infrared by the Spitzer Space Telescope

For more information about the Marquette Astronomical Society, visit:


Saturn's Rings in Ultraviolet Light
from HubbleSite.org Solar System Collection

Credit: NASA and E. Karkoschka (University of Arizona)

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