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Learn How To Manage Your Personal Health Information
at AHIMA's "MyPHR" web site
by Michaeleen O'Sullivan, UPfirst feature writer
Friday, May 16, 2008

Marquette, MI--A Consumer Education Campaign delivering community-based education to help consumers access, manage, and protect their personal health information is underway by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).  Public presentations by volunteer AHIMA members highlight the "myPHR" web platform designed by AHIMA.


The slogan, "IT'S 'HI' TIME, AMERICA!" greets consumers entering AHIMA's "myPHR" web site.  "MyPHR" provides step-by-step instructions on how to keep a personal health record.  Lists of PHR tools are available at the "myPHR" web site, including links to free Internet-based suppliers such as Interactive Health Record at ihealthrecord.org.  Lists of software programs on CD are also linked at "myPHR."  One example, HealthFolio.net, offers "personal medical records" family version and senior version for $29.95 each.


Michigan Consumer Education Campaign volunteers are meeting at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island Sunday for PHR community presenter training.  The Michigan Health Information Management Association (MHIMA) Annual Meeting and Exhibits follows on Monday through Wednesday.  Sessions include "The State of Healthcare in Michigan," by Brian Peters, the Senior Corporate Vice President for Organizational and Strategic Development for the Michigan Health and Hospital Association; "Healthcare Fraud Investigations," by Dennis Drake, Manager in Corporate & Financial Investigations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; and much more.

Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island
photo courtesy Mission Point Resort

AHIMA Consumer Education Campaign is a public service initiative that draws upon the unique expertise of AHIMA and its 50,000 members.  This campaign will allow Health Information Management (HIM) professionals to share their knowledge of health information and medical records directly with the public--at the community level--in order to help consumers better understand how to access, manage, and protect their personal health information.



Your Personal Health Information

Why it’s important…and how to access, manage, and protect it

 Learn the importance of keeping
your own personal health record

Visit "my


It's 'HI' Time, America!


For more information about AHIMA, visit www.ahima.org 

The Michigan Health Information
Management Association
Annual Meeting and Exhibits 2008

May 19-21

Mission Point Resort
Mackinac Island, Michigan
photo courtesy Mission Point Resort

Mission Possible:
Bridging the Gap
through Education & Collaboration

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